Is it Christmas already?

How can IT professionals tell that Christmas is just around the corner? Avision knows the answer.

The mother-in-law is here, the children are all wound up and “Three Nuts for Cinderella” is on TV all day. This is how mere mortals recognize that it’s Christmas again.

However, IT specialists are known to tick a little differently to the rest of the world. How do they know that Christmas is just around the corner? IT service provider Avision asked its employees and presents the best answers.

It is an unmistakable sign of Christmas when:

you run an anti-virus scan to bake cookies on your laptop.

you try in vain to pack your children’s presents.

you want to activate dark mode because of all the fairy lights.

all security patches are installed on the parents’ computer once a year.

the mouse has too many cookie crumbs to process again.

24 windows were opened and Windows still did not crash.

it’s not shifting without end, but snowing.

you delete more cookies than your browser deletes cookies.

you suddenly think you need to further normalize the star schema in the data warehouse.

the code has strange entries *<]:{).

“Let no one say that IT people don’t have a sense of humor – even if it is admittedly a bit special,” comments Nadine Riederer, CEO at Avision. “But whether you’re an IT person or not, we wish everyone a happy and relaxing Christmas and a good start to the New Year!”

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