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More efficient system landscapes

A software revival means retaining high-performance and business-critical elements, replacing outdated and expensive modules and minimizing risks. We support you in the analysis, adaptation and optimization of legacy systems.

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New requirements for old software

What company hasn’t experienced this? You have IT applications in use that are opaque to your IT managers. They are often older, insufficiently documented and expensive to maintain.

This means that your legacy software is both a burden on your current budget and a risk for your company’s future. Redo everything now? No, efficiency through a software revival is the solution.

IT renovation made to measure

Our main area of expertise lies in the further development and replacement of historically grown IT systems/applications.

In addition to analyzing the existing modules – even if the documentation is missing or incorrect – and creating technical documentation, we use various methods to implement new solutions specifically according to our customers’ wishes in the context of the new system landscape. After the realization of the modules, a subsequent test phase and the final rollout, we are also happy to take over the support of the implemented, productive system.

Figuratively speaking, with a software revival we offer all the variants of a house renovation – from renewing the façade to a core renovation to a demolition with new construction.


Refactoring involves restructuring software in order to improve the internal structure while at the same time not changing the external behaviour of the code.

New / further development

The new and further development makes it possible to expand applications with different programming languages, operating systems and databases.

Technology update

The update modernises outdated hardware and software technologies.

Maintenance and support

Our maintenance and support services accompanies your IT solutions throughout their entire life cycle.

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