Technology update

The IT environment is constantly evolving.
In order to remain competitive, software solutions need to be kept up to date with technology updates.

Constant change

There are many technologies that were state of the art yesterday, are outdated today and represent a potential risk tomorrow. Larger companies in particular find themselves caught between innovation and tradition, and some innovations later turn out to be dead ends. And even if the right choice is made, there comes a time when significantly more efficient and cost-effective successor technologies are available. Avision recognizes these situations and offers a smooth transition to new technologies or an upgrade to future-proof paths in the same technology. In this case, a technology update is the right way to go.

Avision-Mitarbeitende erläutert die Vorteile des Technologie-Updates

Evidence in favor of a technology update:

Our references

The customer was using a sorting system that was no longer supported by the manufacturer. The technology was not outdated and the hardware was still quite young. This meant that the depreciation period had not yet been reached and therefore a change of equipment was out of the question.

In order to protect the investment made, one requirement of the project was to continue using the existing hardware. It should also be possible to connect new interfaces and existing interfaces should continue to function. Fundamentally, the business process should continue to function.

The existing software was analyzed, the business process documented and then a new solution was designed based on open technologies. The system was developed with a modern technology stack and the connection of new and old interfaces.

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