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Benefit from the advantages of a software revival


Modernise your historically evolved IT landscape and take advantage of new potential.

Risk minimisation

Minimise the risk with the help of clear structures and an efficient and targeted migration of the legacy system.

Cost savings

Reduce the maintenance costs of the new system landscape.

Our services for efficiency and performance

The benefits of a software revival can be achieved in a combination of different ways. Symbolically speaking, with a software revival we offer all the variants of a house renovation – from renewing the facade to a core renovation to a tear down with new construction.


Refactoring involves restructuring software in order to improve the internal structure while at the same time not changing the external behaviour of the code.

New / further development

The new and further development makes it possible to expand applications with different programming languages, operating systems and databases.

Technology update

The update modernises outdated hardware and software technologies.

Maintenance and support

Our maintenance and support services accompanies your IT solutions throughout their entire life cycle.

Why we are your experts for renewal …

Longstanding experience
We are specialists with many years of experience in complex software projects with a wide range of in-depth expertise.

Independent mindset
We work independently of manufacturers and technologies and will find the best solution for you.

Individualised solutions
You will receive honest and customised advice. We take your individual situation into account.

Comprehensive support
We support your IT applications throughout their entire life cycle.

Software Revival Experten von Avision
Avision-Team berät zu Software-Revival-Leistungen

Collaborative partnership

Together with our customers, we work on individualised software solutions. We adjust to the characteristics of each project and find the suitable solution for your problem.

We are looking to expand our team

Whether you’re looking for an internship or a permanent position, you’ll find the right place for you with us. Would you like to become part of our team? Then apply now!

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