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Do you already have (initial) experience in the IT sector? Whether you are a career starter, experienced or retired – everyone is welcome here.

We as an employer

Depending on where you are in your career, at Avision you can deepen your expertise in exciting projects or pass it on to colleagues. You also have the opportunity to further your education through individual training courses.

Our teams

Avision is organized in a matrix structure. Our employees are assigned to competence teams. You have weekly team meetings and feedback discussions with your team leader. Daily work takes place in the project team.

We project managers take on the technical management and organizational leadership of the project team. Whether in conventional project management, e.g. with V-Modell XT, or with an agile approach according to Scrum, we are the first point of contact and are always in close contact with our client. For project management, we create and monitor schedules, staff deployment and budgets. We are responsible for the organization and communication within the project and externally. We see ourselves as part of the team.

For us in Team Consulting, it is primarily important to understand the customer, their challenges and wishes. In workshops with stakeholders, the relevant knowledge is compiled, a product vision is developed and described in the form of concepts or user stories. Based on these, we work with the development team to develop technical solutions and software architectures. We often act as interpreters between the user and the developer. For us, this means a lot of communication with everyone involved in the project.

In the Development team, we develop new software solutions for our customers. These are complex applications with many interfaces to peripheral systems, their own data storage and usually a web front end. The technologies used are Java, C++ or C#, depending on the project in question, with Spring Boot, Angular/React and PostgreSQL being used primarily. To ensure quality, SonarQube, unit and integration tests as well as code reviews are standard for us.

In the Quality Assurance team, we check our software from all sides, both professionally and technically. We use various tools, such as Postman, Cypress or JMeter, to keep quality high and to automate our work as much as possible. Of course, it is also important to have a technical understanding of the applications in order to be able to test their functionality in the interests of the customer. To this end, we are involved in the refinements or requirements reviews at the start of every change. At the end of development, we help decide whether the software meets the customer's expectations.

In the Application Management team, we support and monitor our customers' running applications. The stability and performance of the managed software are particularly important here. Our monitoring enables us to recognize error situations at an early stage or, at best, proactively prevent them. We use tools such as Dynatrace and the ELK stack for this purpose. Of course, our tasks also include processing incidents and service requests as well as supporting the development teams and accompanying changes and rollouts on the production systems.

The Backoffice consists of Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Accounting and our internal IT administrators. The latter are the contact persons for the administration and support of our internal IT system infrastructure.

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