Refactoring involves restructuring software in such a way that the code quality is improved but the external behavior of the code does not change.

Improving code quality

For example, maintenance may have degenerated the structure of the software, making further changes difficult. Continuous restructuring can make software easier to understand and easier to change. Care must be taken to ensure that functionality is retained. Refactoring consists of a catalog of measures, such as the removal of redundant code or the merging of a module.

Benefits of refactoring on code quality:

Refactoring is a possible implementation of a software revival. In the refactoring process, a software system is modified in such a way that the external behaviour remains unchanged, but the code structure is improved and modernized.

Our references

In this case, a customer from the logistics sector was using an application that records and processes unsolicited shipments and forwards them to other interfaces. The application's code quality did not meet current requirements, making maintenance and further development increasingly difficult.

The code quality was checked with SonarQube and the areas to be optimized were identified. These areas were then revised and the code quality improved.

The refactoring approach took code quality to the next level. According to the client's metrics, software quality has doubled.

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