No budget for digitalization? How companies can still stay connected

As important as digital transformation is, budgets are not always available. Avision shows the amazing steps that make digitalization work despite this.

A race for new technologies, better customer offerings and optimized processes has broken out in the competitive market. Companies that do not want to lose touch with the competition cannot avoid the much-discussed digitalization. But what can you do if you don’t have the necessary budget for new software and hardware? IT service provider Avision explains what options are available to companies to keep pace in the digital race.

Large-scale digitization of the entire IT landscape is complicated and expensive, but usually also unnecessary. Companies should first define the processes that absolutely require transformation and promise prompt added value. The budget required for this is manageable.

If you need a higher budget for further digitalization projects, you will ideally have to save it elsewhere. There is then no way around taking stock of current costs. Recalculations are also often useful. Is it worth buying software or a license? Perhaps the internal IT department can write some of the software solutions itself, reducing the proportion of purchased products. In many cases, it is also worth considering moving away from in-house hardware to the cloud.

Subsidies. If you are lacking a budget despite the cash flow analysis, you can go in search of funding pots. The federal and state governments have a whole range of funding available for small and medium-sized companies in particular, such as the Digital Now program. The funds also serve as an incentive to invest in employee qualifications in addition to digitizing the IT landscape.

Zero-cost transformation. If all of the above steps are not enough to finance the digital transformation, there is another surprising, albeit rather rare, alternative: some IT service providers are prepared to cover the costs of digitalization and offset them against the profits that the company makes through the efficiency of the new systems. Zero-cost transformation is a real alternative for companies with limited budgets to achieve their digitization goals without high investments – provided they find the right IT service provider.

“Companies have no choice but to digitize,” explains Nadine Riederer, CEO at Avision. “Without budgets, they will struggle, but a transformation journey is not impossible even then. The concept of zero-cost transformation is particularly promising if companies agree on the specific approach with an IT service provider.”

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