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Customized software solution

Real estate requires renovation from time to time in order to maintain or increase its value. IT applications also often require further development of existing systems. Be it due to technical requirements or changes in the legal situation. With our analysis expertise, we can familiarize ourselves with “historically evolved” applications and take over the further development, even if no contact person or documentation is available. Maintaining the value of the application is possible with many technologies, even older ones.

However, as with real estate, there comes a time when IT applications can no longer be renovated and need to be demolished and rebuilt.

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Our core competencies at a glance:

In addition to “greenfield” projects, Avision specializes in new developments of existing applications. Existing applications are analyzed, obsolete components (both functional and technical) are removed and a replacement is designed and developed. Both agile and conventional approaches can be used.

Avision can play to its strengths when it comes to new developments in an existing environment in order to minimize the risk to existing business processes and interfaces while still maintaining a modern application. We realy on proven web technologies as well as modern cloud technologies.

Our references

The customer was using custom software to provide track events for international parcel shipments with an older technology stack. The data was processed and sent with long delays. The system was no longer capable of near-real-time processing.

The data exchange platform was to be redeveloped. The migration had to take place without a frozen zone, whereby the interfaces had to be switched over one after the other. The complex technical event processing, incomplete documentation and interfaces, some of which could not be changed, were among the challenges.

A complete technological re-engineering was carried out. Both the logical and physical architecture was rebuilt using state-of-the-art Kafka as a streaming platform in the cloud. This involved a complex migration scenario with a phased conversion of the interfaces to enable near-real-time processing.

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