Why legacy software deserves more love

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Avision shows how developers and code can give their long-standing relationship a new lease of life.

The relationship between a software developer and his code often has many years under its belt. Naturally, there is a risk that it will fall asleep at some point and the two just live side by side with little interest.

Five is the number of love in many cultures and was also the number of Venus, the goddess of love. In keeping with Valentine’s Day, IT service provider Avision is therefore giving five tips on how developers and code can give their relationship a new lease of life.

  • Every couple’s counselor knows that you have to constantly invest in a fulfilling relationship. That’s why developers should also continuously maintain their code, for example through regular refactoring.
  • Small gifts are a good way to strengthen the bond of a relationship and ensure that romance is not neglected in everyday life. For example, developers can give their code more storage or RAM from time to time.
  • Also important: try out something new. Code adaptations, new frameworks or new libraries make the partner exciting again!
  • But to remain interesting for others, you also have to invest in yourself. Code in particular has what it takes to surprise you even years later. Developers should continue their training in order to do justice to their code in the long term.
  • Joint activities keep a relationship young! Celebrating together late into the evening on Critical Patch Days is a great way to bond.

“The relationship between developer and code often grows over years and during this time they go through ups and downs. Getting through that is often exhausting,” says Nadine Riederer, CEO of Avision. “But it’s worth it. Many a developer has fled to a new development that didn’t work, only to return to their old code with remorse.”

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