Four reasons why companies should write their own software

Companies are dependent on suitable software solutions that solve their specific problems. This quickly raises the crucial question: develop the software yourself or buy ready-made solutions? Avision shows why companies should still write their own code and keep it for years to come.

Admittedly, many legacy applications are no longer state-of-the-art, use antiquated technologies and reading the code is reminiscent of deciphering hieroglyphics. Nevertheless, there are many advantages why companies should still rely on self-written software and think twice about using external standard solutions. After all, with the right maintenance, legacy software can be prevented from the outset. IT service provider Avision lists the advantages of in-house applications.

Standard software only solves standard problems

It is tempting to reach for ready-made solutions and there is a wide range of offers on the market. However, even considering the customization options of these products, tailor-made, self-written software is more precisely tailored to the requirements of a company and therefore clearly stands out from standard solutions.

Own code prevents dependencies

Those who rely on the technologies of external providers for their company software relinquish a certain amount of control over it and are dependent, for example, on the operator closing security gaps in good time and continuing to support the product in the future.

Internal solutions prevent architectural puzzles

Smooth interaction between different applications from different providers is not a matter of course. Linking multiple technologies and applications also requires an open environment with suitable interfaces, which can quickly lead to problems. Self-written software prevents an architectural patchwork and companies can equip it with the right interfaces from the ground up.

The right strategy prevents legacy software

The image of dusty old applications running in the background is omnipresent. However, companies that keep their own software up to date, document it seamlessly and close security gaps prevent the emergence of legacy software from the outset.

“The multitude of pre-built solutions on the market promise a remedy for all kinds of problems and requirements in the IT sector, but that doesn’t mean companies should go on a blind shopping spree,” explains Nadine Riederer, CEO of Avision. “If you have the option of writing your own software, it’s important to consider buying external programs – because the advantages of individual, in-house solutions are unbeatable.”

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