Why software testing depends on the developers

Just because there are extra testers for their software, developers cannot simply ignore the issue. They need to consider testing at the creation stage, says Avision.

However, this does not mean that developers can simply ignore software testing, says IT service provider Avision. On the contrary: quality cannot be “tested into” software retrospectively. That’s why developers need to consider the issue from the outset and provide the best possible support for the testers’ work.

In particular, you should:

  • always consider testing when developing their software and program options for this; ideally in the form of automated tests.
  • understand the technical requirements for their software. Only then can they write meaningful tests for their components. To develop this understanding, they need to communicate: with the project management, the specialist departments and the testers.
  • always bear in mind that users might use the software differently than intended. You should be open to user errors and also take possible incorrect entries into account during development.
  • do not see testers as opponents, but as partners who support high software quality. The opponents are the errors in the code – and not the testers who find them.

“Developers should have high quality standards for their software and discover standard errors themselves,” says Nadine Riederer, CEO of Avision. “It is then the testers’ job to think outside the box and carry out unusual tests. They can also put the big picture to the test, which developers often can’t see because they only create individual components.”

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