AI and IT security will shape the year 2024

Avision takes a look into the digital crystal ball: Which software topics will be trend-setting in 2024? And what changes do companies need to prepare for?

The turn of the year is just around the corner and as companies reflect on the current year, IT service provider Avision takes a look at the most important software topics for 2024. They are not new, but their dynamics will have far-reaching effects.


The market for software in the subscription model is booming. Providers of all sizes are increasingly renting out their solutions, thereby tying their users to their own brand. In the long term, however, the concept is on thin ice. With rising costs, short useful lives and dangerous vendor dependency, companies will soon be asking themselves whether purchasing licenses or in-house solutions are not the more economically and strategically sensible option after all. This development will be exciting to watch in 2024.

IT security

Of course, the topic of IT security is almost as old as IT itself. Nevertheless, many players are still neglecting the topic, especially in the KRITIS environment. And this is irresponsible, since the attacks are getting closer, as the high number of successful attacks this year alone shows. This means that companies and public authorities will have to continue to take a close look at their IT security strategy in 2024 – not least because legislators have increased the pressure and put the issue on the agenda. New versions of ISO standards and, in particular, the new NIS 2 Directive (The Network and Information Security Directive) for the protection of critical infrastructure are setting new standards for IT security that affect more companies than ever before.

Artificial intelligence

Virtually overnight, ChatGPT has brought the topic of AI to the center of society and triggered a radical change – and yet we are still observing a technology in its early stages. 2024 will be all about AI: new use cases, better results, even more tools. In the coming year, we will see a maturing process that will contribute to the professionalization of AI models. At the same time, ethical and legal discussions will continue, while the social implications will gradually become clearer, as a current example – the abolition of Bachelor’s thesis – shows.

“No look into the future of IT is complete without AI. The topic is changing our world in an unexpected way – and at breathtaking speed,” emphasizes Nadine Riederer, CEO at Avision. “While the spotlight is clearly on ChatGPT and the like, we must not forget the many other digital construction sites. There is an urgent need for action, particularly in the area of IT security, and especially the public sector needs to urgently upgrade here and position itself better against the growing threat of cyber attacks.”

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